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My name is Careena Alexis.


 I'm an avid outdoorswoman and I have created a life around sharing my outdoor adventures on my YouTube channel in the hopes to teach and inspire others to get outside to grow their skills, knowledge and overall physical and mental health. 

I was formerly known online as Alexis Outdoors, but recently changed all my handles to just Careena Alexis to pivot my content into more than just outdoor adventure. There is so much more involved in life than just camping trips. I'm a mom, and happily married to the love of my life, and my content is geared toward the simple life my family and I are trying to build along with sharing our outdoor adventures. After all, love for the outdoors goes so much deeper than just enjoying nature, but it's also about living our lives in a way that harmonizes with it. We are striving for more sustainability, self-sufficiency, simplicity. It's a long, imperfect journey and I'm excited to share as much as I can about it along the way. 

My husband Brandon owns his own business as an arborist, so when I'm not making videos I'm helping him with the tree biz. Brandon is also an incredibly talented builder, and with his wealth of knowledge and skills we are currently building our very own house together, and also documenting the entire build on our YouTube channel TimberMates! We are building a very efficient ICF house which completely aligns with our goal of simplifying our lives. Spending less time and money on our home in the long run leaves more time for living more sustainably, being more self sufficient, and ultimately focusing on our sweet little family and the important things in life. 

We have many other passions. To list them quickly: Houseboating, horses, playing music, beach volleyball, canoe camping... 

Follow along on our adventures on our instagram pages or YouTube channels, Careena Alexis & TimberMates ! 


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